Are you a die-hard Ric Flair fan?

If you want to show some love for your favorite wrestling champion, there’s a ton of Ric Flair merchandise you can get your hands on. While most wrestlers are simply peddling hats, hoodies and t-shirts, the Nature Boy offers some spandex leggings, too.

Leggings are some of the most versatile clothes you can wear. They’re great for working out, layering under shirts and boots for a great outfit, or simply lounging around the house in comfort. 

The Ric Flair shop offers several different designs, each one injected with some of the humor that he’s famous for. In this post, we’ll give you the funniest ones. 

The Best Spandex Leggings for Ric Flair Fans

Leggins don’t have to be plain black and boring. Mix it up with these new designs from Nature Boy’s range of official merchandise.

1. Ric Flair Leggings

You could simply wear Nature Boy’s face on a t-shirt, but there’s nothing new or fun about that. Instead, make yourself stand out with a pair of Ric Flair leggings

They don’t just feature one picture of his face. That wouldn’t be enough. In fact, there are around 15 images of Flair printed on these cool leggings. That’s why they’re some of the best Ric Flair merchandise you can get. 

With his lips pursed and his mouth in an O-shape, it’s easy to make out what he’s saying. It can only be one thing – “wooooo!”

2. Zombie Flair Leggings

If having Ric Flair’s face all over your derriere wasn’t enough, how about a zombie version of that? That’s what you’re getting with these leggings. 

His face is green, his eyes are sunken and yellow with no pupils to be seen, and his blonde mullet is covered in blood. All in all, flesh-eating Flair is a pretty terrifying sight. 

The zombie flair leggings would be great for Halloween – when you need something that’s not only scary but also funny and quirky. Still, you don’t need a special occasion to wear these. They’re completely different, and you can only buy them from Ric Flair’s official store. 

3. Wooooo Leggings

The only thing bigger than Ric Flair is his catchphrase. His signature “wooooo!” is so iconic that Total Non-Stop Action even named one of their wrestling tours after it.

That’s not the only show that has carried the name. When Flair decided to host his own podcast, he called it “Wooooo! Nation.” There, he would interview other famous names in wrestling and give some hot takes on the latest goings-on in WWE.

Wherever Nature Boy goes, you’re sure to hear this famous battle cry. When Flair would perform his famous knife-edge chop move, fans would yell it in unison. It’s rare to see a match, interview or TV appearance where the “woooo!” doesn’t come up.

As well as saying it, you can also wear it loud and proud with these Wooooo leggings. On a black spandex and polyester blend background, it’s printed in a number of different fonts.

While these may confuse those who aren’t familiar with wrestling, other Ric Flair fans are sure to notice them right away. Give them a try and see who else is in the cult of “wooooo!” That way, you can find out who the other Flair fans in your life are. 

4. Ric Flair Silhouette Leggings

Aside from “woooo!”, what are Nature Boys other signatures? First of all, there are those spectacular robes. He was always stylin’ and profilin’ in feathered, sequined or embossed outfits. With these brightly-colored garments flowing behind him, he always made a grand entrance.

Then, there are those blonde locks. That glorious head of hair undoubtedly played a part in helping him “wooooo” the ladies! In fact, legend has it that he managed to bed as many as 10,000 women throughout his career.

Even as he got older and his hair started to thin, he held onto that mullet hairstyle for decades. To top off the look, he was often seen sporting a pair of aviator shades. These two classic items are the theme of the Ric Flair silhouette leggings

The hair and shades are all you need to identify this wrestling icon. They’re printed all over these leggings on a black background, leaving the rest to your imagination. 

5. Red RF Leggings

Speaking of leaving things to the imagination, how about these Red RF leggings?

They’re printed with a pair of red wrestling trunks, something Flair was often seen competing in. Those trunks also feature Flair’s initials on the left side, just as many of his own trunks, boots, robes and other apparel did.

The legs are nude, making it look as though you’re just sporting the trunks on their own.

Walk down the street in these, and you’re sure to turn some heads. At first glance, people will think you’re legs are completely bare, with only some little red trunks to retain your modesty. It won’t be until they get a little closer that they realize you’re wearing a full pair of leggings.

See who you can fool with these hilarious printed leggings. You’re bound to get a few laughs. If nothing else, they’ll make a great conversation starter! Sporting these, you can put on a grand performance just like Flair himself. 

Spandex Leggings, Tank Tops, Hats, and More

These aren’t the only pieces of awesome Ric Flair apparel you can get.

As well as spandex leggings, you can also get shirts, socks, and hats with his face plastered all over them. For the holidays, you can even get an ornament to hang on your Christmas tree!

If you’re a Nature Boy fan or are looking for a gift for the Ric Flair fanatic in your life, our shop has something for you. With almost 200 products for sale, you won’t be short of options.

If you want to get straight to the good stuff, check out the top-selling items of the week to see the most popular picks. 

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