Are there any wrestlers around who have a legacy quite as large as that of the Nature Boy Ric Flair?

The man, the myth, the legend. Never has a sentence been more appropriately used than when talking about one of the greatest names the wrestling industry has produced. 

It stands to reason then that true wrestling fans cannot get enough the dirtiest player in the game. It stands to reason therefore that Rick Flair ringside collectibles are such sought-after items. 

Why is Ric Flair Merchandise So Popular?

Ric Flair has been styling and profiling for forty-six years now, and while his career between the ropes may have ended, there is still plenty of fight left in this veteran. From backstage to ringside, any fan of wrestling can rest assured they will still be getting their fair share of Flair through 2019 and beyond. 

What does this longevity mean for wrestling fans? It’s simple. It means that Ric Flair is still a household name, and that means the demand for his merchandise is rising on two levels.

For the long terms fans, who stared in wide-eyed fascination as he duked it out with The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, Sting and more, the chance to collect merchandise that captures their childhood memories is one they will grab with both hands. 

For new fans, learning about Ric thanks to the wealth of content on the WWE network or by watching his daughter Charlotte tear up the current WWE scene. 

If there was any question that wrestling was something a person was born to do, then the Flair genes offer all the proof they could ask for. 

What Sort of Merchandise is Available

When it comes to wrestling merc, there is no shortage of options. There is everything from t-shirts and shoes, to toys, posters, trading cards and games. 

For collectors there is more than enough to sate the appetite of general wrestling fans or more persona specific enthusiasts, who are always looking for that something special to make their collection shine. 

But what about those looking for something specific. Perhaps a Ric Flair belt or maybe a copy Ric Flair Jacket. 

For those specialist collectors, there is also a strong market for both buying and trading. 

Let’s look at ten of the best Ric Flair Ringside collectibles that would be the perfect addition to any collection. 

1. Ric Flair Summerslam 2018 Action Figure

It says everything about the man’s legend that they are still making action figures of his character in 2018. The 2018 Summerslam figure is a great collector’s item. 

The classic black trunks and knee pads combination shows Flair in the ring and ready for action. The sculpted head also adds details that the more devout collector will enjoy. Perfect for a budding or an experienced collector. 

2. Autographed Wresltmania Poster

When thinking about Ric Flair merchandise, you cannot overlook the collectible nature of posters. 

There’s an autographed Wresltmania poster that has thirty-five different signatures on it. One of which belongs to the Nature Boy himself. 

Whether you are looking for yourself or for a serious collector, anybody that loves Ric Flair will be delighted to have this Ric Flair autograph in their collection.

3. Blue Robed Ric Flair – Defining Moments Collection

When you think of defining moments, then you surely think about Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. The unforgettable ‘I love you’ moment. This collectible figure captures the emotion and memories of that unforgettable ending to a great rivalry. 

A true fan of Ric Flair merchandise would list this has a must-have item. Not only because it looks great, but because it captures the final match of the Flair’s WWE career. 

A more fitting piece of collectible memorabilia would be hard to find. Whether you are a die-hard fan or a new convert to the magic of professional wrestling, this storyline is one you are bound to revisit time and time again. 

4. Fanimation Jacket

A Ric Flair jacket is a must-have item for any collection. The fanimation jacket captures everything about the Nature Boy – from the rich blue color to the image emblazoned across the back. 

The attention to detail in the 16x caught in the trails of his name is a subtle touch that a collector would appreciate while the throwback logo is a fitting emblem for this legend. 

Clothing is always a great collectible choice, and this piece not only looks great but won’t break the bank account, either. 

5. Ric Flair Build-a-Figure Series

A customizable figure of Ric with different suit trousers to capture his out of ring persona. 

A fun and novel items for any collection, it offers a different look at the classic wrestling action figures. 

For those looking to add some Ric Flair merchandise to their collection, or for a good starting point to build one, this is a great item to choose. The price is good, and quality is, as always, of the highest caliber.  

Ringside Collectibles: Capture the Full Range of Ric Flair Memorabilia 

There is a plethora of ringside collectibles memorabilia for all wrestlers, both modern and from the “good old days” but very few have quite as much as Ric Flair. It is a testament to the character the man has built and the skills and dedication he gave to the ring.

While many wrestlers moved through different incarnations, but Ric has remained consistent throughout his career. He has had many different costumes but has rarely strayed from his playboy persona. A testament to his star power.

If you want to learn more about Ric or grab some cool merch, then check out our store today. 


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